On the move…again.

Packing up and moving is not one of my favorite activities. But it seems that we have had to do it many times in our life and ministry. However, I have learned that it is through these transition times that God wants to show that he is working, guiding, and changing more than I realize.
In November the owner of where Mosiaco rents informed us that he would be renting the whole complex to a school starting in 2019. Our contract ended on 12/31/2018 anyway. But he said that we could stay until the end of February. We found a place to rent just 2 kilometers away that is a great opportunity for impact and growth. We celebrated our first worship service in the new location on Sunday, February 24. It has been very encouraging and exciting to see the congregation move forward through this transition. We have seen a more consistent (and higher) attendance. The transition team that was formed has taken a lot of leadership and initiative during this time. We really see God’s hand working in this situation.










During our preparation for this transition the enemy did what he could to distract us from the mission to which God has called us. Our family moved in November into a newly constructed house for much less rent than we were paying at the other house. But mold started forming in the walls and some closets (nothing that we were doing). We had to get out for our own health’s sake. We lost many items due to the mold—dressers, mattresses, bookshelves, clothes, toys and, unfortunately, some pictures and keepsakes stored in a chest. But the stuff we lost is just… “stuff”. We are finally completely out of the “moldy house” and into a different, great place, for even less rent. God is still looking out for us and moving in our lives in many great ways.

God’s Holy Spirit has also been moving and working in many other lives here in Puebla. It was exciting to celebrate at Leo’s 80th surprise birthday party, along with her family her first birthday party ever. Then about a month later we celebrated with her as she gave her life to Christ and was baptized by her daughter Maria. Later that day it was so thrilling to hear her say that she had not wanted to smile (since she is missing a tooth) but that she couldn’t help but smile all the time. The Holy Spirit was filling her with joy. She may be eighty years old, but she’s still a babe in Christ. God is not done with her yet.
Praying for our ministry here in Puebla is greatly appreciated. We thank you so much! What can you pray for?


• Please pray that God would continue to move and work in and through the Mosaico church, especially as we are still in a time of transition.
• Pray that we will reach out and make a difference for Christ in this new neighborhood, called Zavaleta.
• Pray for Leo and others to grow in their new life in Christ.
• And please pray for a new ministry area that we are preparing to launch called Celebremos la Recuperacion (Celebrate Recovery).

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  1. Mike Ragan

    Shared this in both services a couple Sundays ago. Love you guys and always praying for you. Please tell everyone HELLO for us!


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