Passing it on.

Happy 2018 from Cholula, Puebla, Mexico and the Hancock family!

In September there were two major earthquakes in Mexico. One near Puebla. Thankfully there were minimal injuries and no major structural damage in our area—only two cracks in the wall in Mosaico’s building. However many have been “shaken up” profoundly and many are responding. An earthquake fund was started through the CMF website and we have been grateful for the generous response of so many. Our team of missionaries has directed those funds to help those in need in southern Mexico City (near where we used to live) and to a community in Morelos, Mexico. We’ve been helping families of two local churches in Emiliano Zapata, Morelos whose homes were severely damaged in the earthquake.

On Mosaico’s Christmas tree were hung star ornaments with the names of 20 children from Morelos whose homes and families were affected by the earthquake. Members of the Mosaico church took those names and made gift bags for those children with clothes, gifts and other necessities. We were amazed by the response and generosity of the people. They are passing it on.


Mosaico supports missionaries Luis and Chere Torres who live in Jesus Nazareno, a small town just outside of Puebla. Luis preaches on a weekly radio program in this community. Radio Xali has a sister station in a small town called Ocozingo, Chiapas. Ocozingo’s water system was destroyed in the earthquake. So, in October and November Mosaico took up special offerings which purchased 4 portable water filters. A water holding tank was donated along with food, medical supplies, and other necessities for this community. Once again it is amazing to see God’s people reaching out to pass on God’s love to bless others.

Mosaico continues a connection with CMF’s Globalscope university ministry, “El Pozo”. Recently Mosaico sponsored a meal at El Pozo’s weekly En Vivo gathering. It is always fun to reach out to the university students and share with them. Not too long ago, I actually paused and counted the number of university-aged students in a worship service at Mosaico. We had 20 representing four different institutions.

Please continue to pray for the Hancock family and the ministry of Mosaico Comunidad Cristiana. In recent months we have lost some leaders in the congregation, but we continue to have those who come and form part of God’s mosaic here in Cholula/Puebla. You could join us at 10:02 AM weekdays in asking the Lord of the harvest for more workers in the harvest field. (Luke 10:2) And please…pass it on.

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