Here we come!

The Hancocks will be in the USA for a few months! A lot is happening in Mosaico and with the Hancock family and we are excited to share with anyone interested in hearing. But for now, I’ll give the bullet point version and in the next few months we can schedule a time to share more details with you. How does that sound? Here we go…
• Mosaico continues reaching out. New folks in Mosiaco from Peru, Brazil, and other parts of Mexico form parts of the Mosaico.

• Mosaico continues growing up. We continue with the discipleship plan, “The Pieces of the Mosaic” with 3 groups, now.

• Mosaico celebrated Easter and the resurrection of Jesus in our new building for the first time with an easter egg hunt for the kids and Javier & Gabriel were baptized into Christ, (Yeah!)








• Mallory graduated from Puebla Christian School and will begin her freshman year at Milligan College in Johnson City, Tennessee.

• On Monday morning, June 12, all 5 of the Hancocks will begin the journey (in our Dodge Journey) driving through Mexico and back into the US. Please pray for our safety and our sanity as we take this family road trip. Our plan is to arrive at Milligan on June 16.

Thanks for reading our brief update. Give us a call (815 585 4753) or connect with us on Facebook or email. We’d love to tell you more about what God is doing in and through us in Cholula, Puebla, MX.

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