Mosaico’s New Adventure

Mosaico’s new adventure.

Mosaico has a new location, a renewed commitment, but the same mission and vision to reach the different generations in Cholula, Puebla, Mexico and to the ends of the earth. We celebrated our 5th anniversary as a congregation and the beginning of this new adventure in the new location together with another fiesta! I know, I know, we have a lot of fiestas. Well the kingdom of God is a fiesta (Loosely translated from Tony Campolo.).  Even before the first Sunday celebration, Angelica (26) said, “The new place already feels like home.” We inaugurated Mosaico’s new home which is just two blocks down the street from the Casa Verde, where we started and where El Pozo, CMF’s Globalscope University ministry is located.


















One of the imediate blessings we noticed about the new location was that at least 3 individuals or families showed up for church because they saw the Mosaico Comunidad Cristiana sign out on the street. We couldn’t put up a sign at the previous location. Praise God, new people have come to Mosaico every week since we relocated, Please pray for us as we continue to make adjustments in our transition stage.

We have begun implementing a discipleship program called Las Piezas del Mosaico (The Pieces of the Mosaic). It is a series of studies that allows us to walk with new Christians, pre-Christians, and mature Christians as well in their journey toward maturity in Christ. Las Piezas del Mosaico helps us in living the concepts of clarity, movement, alignment, and focus.  Please pray for all who participate in this discipleship program.

In family news:

Mallory graduates from Puebla Christian School on May 27th. I know, I can’t believe it either. And we will be spending some time in the US this Summer, visiting family and partners from June 15 through late September. Contact us, please, because we would love to connect with you if we can.

We thank you for remembering Mosaico and the Hancock family in your prayers. Keep it up. We appreciate it, and we need it. We need you.

God bless us…every one.

Todd, Tonja, Mitchell, Mallory, and Lizzet Hancock

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