Mosaico celebrates 4th anniversary!


In Joshua 24 14-26, Joshua challenged the people with his famous words, “…choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” And the people responded by saying, “We will serve the Lord our God and obey him.” The Mosaico Christian Community celebrated 4 years of being the church by re-affirming their commitment just like the Israelites did. “Nosotros serviremos al Señor!” they repeated. It was a great celebration which included the ceremony of the towel, where our team members, Steve and Kay Carpenter joined us to set apart the leadership team,  George and Ceci, Todd and Tonja, and Joe. We also celebrated with cake and of course, tacos and a whole lot more Mexican food.

The Ceremony of the Towel Paty, Tonja, Paty, Todd and Alex creating memories.


Mosaico’s one-word theme for 2016 is “Serve”. So on February 28th, Mosaico took its “worship service” on the road and instead of meeting together for the regular worship service we went out to serve the community. Instead of going to church we wanted to BE the church. Several from Mosaico went to Puebla’s children’s hospital to color, or read a story from the Bible, or play with some of the children in the hospital so that their parents could go just outside the hospital where they were served a free brunch from other Mosaico people and the other volunteers. Still others from the church picked up garbage in the streets, painted, stained, raked leaves, at and near the Casa Verde (where Mosaico meets). It was a great experience for all involved. I loved seeing these people who love Jesus and love other people show that through their service and their very lives.

Mosaico and an organization called Moyopo at the children’s hospital
Mosaico work day at the Casa Verde
Rafael, Jow, Martin, Nala and Rodrigo at Mosaico’s work day at the Casa Verde.
Serving at the Hospital del Nino Poblano
Alex and Ceci serving at the Hospital del Nino Poblano


In February, Mosaico had a great turn out for a Ladies brunch which was provided by George, Serge, Rene, and some other guys. The guest speaker, Lynda Inchaustegui touched and encouraged our ladies and their friends. Lynda was also the main speaker at a ladies retreat that Tonja, Maria, and Hortencia went to last weekend in Vera Cruz. Hortencia shared an emotional and beautiful testimony of God’s love the following Sunday with the Mosaico family.

Hortencia, Tonja and Maria in Vera Cruz.
Hortencia, Tonja and Maria in Vera Cruz at the Retiro de Mujeres.

We want to ask you to keep the Hancock family in your prayers as we serve here alongside the Mosaico Christian Church. Pray for growth,for the leadership of Mosaico, and that God would continue to raise up leaders in this congregation.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and feel free to contact us via this blog, email (, friend us on Facebook, or give us a call at (815) 585 4753. We’d love to communicate with you.



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