El Buen Fin: Mexico’s version of Black Friday

Mallory, Todd, and BetoBeto    Let me introduce you to Alberto Reyes De la O. But we like to call him Beto. That’s him with Mallory and me (Todd). He has been worshipping with us at Mosaico Comunidad Cristiana since the Summer of 2012.  He is 26 years old and came to Christ and was baptized at El Pozo, CMF’s Globalscope campus ministry here in Cholula. He has been involved in El Pozo as a student and an intern. After graduating from the Universidad De Las Americas with his undergraduate and masters degrees he got a job in Puebla. It has been my incredible joy to see Beto grow in Christ and use his giftedness to serve God. He is a part of Mosaico’s leadership team serving in the media ministry and the discipleship team. Beto teaches and/or preaches at Mosaico about once a month. He loves Puebla and he loves Jesus.

Now, I’ve introduced my friend Beto to you because I want to ask you to pray for him. He is a young leader in the church and he is allowing God to work in and through him for His kingdom here in Cholula, Puebla. He and I serve together in the discipleship ministry praying for and planning the themes for the worship services at Mosaico (among other things). Beto and I want to ask you to pray for something else.  This weekend (November 13-5) is what is called El Buen Fin here in Mexico. This is Mexico’s version of Black Friday in the US. So this weekend stores have huge sales and discounts. So we have planned a two-Sunday message series at Mosaico designed to share Christ’s message of love. This Sunday and next we are sharing “God’s Offer” (Salvation) and then “Giving thanks to God for saving us.” We want to ask you to pray for Mosaico and the message we share during these two weeks. Pray that God would speak in a mighty way through Beto and I, the worship team, and others. Pray that those who need to hear this message would show up and accept God’s offer of love, forgiveness, and abundant and eternal life.


Todd and Tonja Hancock

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