Viva Mexico!


VBS 2015 at MosaicoBuenos dias from Cholula and the Hancocks! Its hard to believe that we are about a month and a half in to our 4th term as church planters in “nuestro Mexico lindo y querido” (our beautiful and beloved Mexico). Let me give you a brief update of what we’ve been doing and then ask you to pray about a few things.

When we arrived in Cholula, Mosaco was in the midst of her second ever Curso Biblico de Verano (Vacation Bible School) We more than doubled their attendance from two years ag. AND it was mostly organized and led by the Mexican leaders in the church. Our return to Cholula has been pretty sweet. Reuniting with brothers and sisters and fellow workers. Mosaico surprised us with a breakfast reception before church that first Sunday we returned.

1st day of school            Tonja began teaching the 1st and 2nd grade class at Puebla Christian School and after a couple of stressful weeks the school administration realized the need to separate the grades into 2 classes ( Kindergarten and 2nd).So she is now the 2nd grade teacher. And Lizzet loves having her mother as her teacher.

We have been looking for just the right vehicle to purchase with the gifts that were given by the 5 VBS’s that we participated in this Summer. But so far we have not got the “old” van back from the mechanic and we haven’t found “the right one” yet.


Free in Christ!It is exciting to see this congregation mature and grow. Mosaico has some great leaders like Beto, George, Ceci, and others Since we’ve returned to Cholula, Todd has been meeting again with the leadership to re-cast the vision for Mosaico and.continuin to pour into the lives of young leaders, like Sergio, Juanelo, Pati, Alexa, to name a few. But we also are encouraged by their growth and service for Christ. Please pray for these young leaders.


Trivia Question: What is the date that Mexico celebrates their independence from Spain?


Its not 5 de Mayo as many people might think. May 5 is the celebration of the Battle of Puebla—a big home win for Mexico over the French in 1862. Mexico takes two days to celebrate their independence–September 15 and 16. We celebrated by joining our friends, Jow, Courtney, Maria, Rayna, Mario (and a few others) and made chiles en nogada (stuffed peppers), which is one of the traditional independence day meals. And on Sunday, the 13th, many people at Mosaico declared their own independence from the chains of sin in our own declaration of independence of sorts. It was a powerful activity which celebrated God’s forgiveness and love. After the church service we had a dinner together in which we ate another traditional Mexican dish called pozole, which is a hominy soup with chicken, lettuce, oregano, and of course…Mexican spices. It is eaten with tostadas and it is Mmmmm delicious! Come on down to Cholula and we will make sure that you try some.


Mario, Tonja, Maria, and Reyna and the chiles en nogada.           We appreciate your prayers. We know that we would not make much of a difference without the power and presence of our almighty God working in and through us. So keep it up. Specifically pray for:

  • the Mosaico leadership and ministry teams; Pray that we would follow up on the plans we are making to promote clarity, movement, alignment, and focus at Mosaico.
  • those who are on the verge of accepting Christ as savior and lord
  • more and more opportunities to impact Cholula, Puebla, Mexico, and beyond for Christ’s kingdom
  • Tonja and the ministry of Puebla Christian School
            • Continue to pray for the Hidalgo and Sosa family. Tania died of cancer in July. Pray for her sons, Mario and Lander, her husband Geovani, and other family members.


Thanks again for your prayers,

Todd, Tonja, Mitchell, Mallory, and Lizzet Hancock

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