What does furlough look like?

Here are some of the questions that we have been asked lately along with the answers.


The Hancocks at the International Conference on Missions in Columbus, OH in November
Todd and a group of LCU students visiting CMF’s Globalscope ministry in Birmingham, England


Question: So what have you guys been up to during your time in the US?

Answer:  We have been busy sharing Mosaico’s story with our partnering churches, individuals, and nearly everyone we meet. We have been seeking the needed support and funds in order for us to be able to return to work alongside Mosaico Comunidad Cristiana in the continuing mission to Love God and our neighbor, the commitment to Biblical teaching and Growth in community. We have also been involved at Lincoln Christian University as Missionaries in Residence. The University asked me to teach a class first semester and I have taken classes this Spring semester to continue work toward my Masters in Inter-cultural Studies which I believe will make me a more effective church planter in Mexico and beyond.  I will be able to finish this degree via on-line classes from Mexico.


Question: When are you headed back to Mexico?

Answer: Our hope and goal has been (and continues to be) to return to Puebla on or around July 30th. This goal is quite possibly becoming a realistic plan.





Question: Do you have all the support you need?

Answer: We are so thankful to God for providing for our every need. We have nearly enough financial support committed to return. As of May 22 we still need approximately $200 per month committed. But the CMF leadership team will give us the official clearance to return. Other requirements exist that must be fulfilled before our official clearance to return to Mexico. These include medical/physical release from our doctors, immunization checks, psychological clearance, and other things. Some of these are in place, others will be completed this Summer.


Nala and the Hancock Girls. Nala has been a part of Mosaico since the beginning. She cmae to visit us in the US and accompanied us to visit our partners in Aurora, IL and Holland, MI.


Question: What will you be doing when you go back?

Answer:  Some of our goals for re-entering Puebla and Mosaico include: Communicate with leadership team the details of our arrival as plans are made. Discuss and define our role on the leadership team of Mosaico and communication with the congregation. Revisit, clarify, refine, reinforce, etc. Mosaico’s vision for reaching Cholula, Puebla, Mexico and the ends of the earth. Strategize with Mosaco’s leadership team the direction and ministry focuses of the church (outreach, ministry to children, etc.)


Question:  What can we do to help?


  • Answer:   Pray! Pray with Todd and Tonja for:

Faithful prayer and support partners.

Open hearts in Puebla/Cholula to he Gospel and to becoming par of Mosaico.

God’s guidance as the train leaders, and for themselves as they lead from behind the scenes.

Mosaico’s outreach to result in more Christian communities like Mosaico in Cholula and beyond.


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  1. Jim and Pat Heaton

    Todd and Tonja-
    Pat and I are members of Adventure Christian Church, one of your supporting churches. We are spending the summer in Mexico working at Niños de Mexico near Texcoco. We have been wanting to see what God is doing through you in Puebla. We may have a few days the last week of August that we could see you before we fly back to FL. Are you back in Mexico? If so, how can we reach you? My Mexican phone number is 444-423-5373 or you can e-mail me at jimheaton@comcast.net. If you are not back, we are also planning to go to ICOM at Richmond. Will you be there?
    I hope to hear from you.
    Yours in Christ, Jim and Pat Heaton


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