Wish you were here!

Wish you were here! That’s what some people write on a post card or letter when they are on vacation or other type of trip. We wish you were here to see what God’s got going on in Cholula, Mexico. But for now we can just tell you some of what’s happening.

When the semester ends at the universities in May many students return to their homes in different parts of Mexico (and other parts of the world), so attendance at Mosaico Christian Community takes a dib during the Summer months as well. But this summer we have had quite a few students taking summer school classes worship with us, and a few new families too.On one Sunday in June we had a lot of people representing different parts of the world worshipping at Mosaico. Diego from Columbia, Estef from Venezuela, Bego, our missionary headed to serve with Globalscope in Salamanca, Spain worshipped at Mosaico. We also had Teo, a Mexican preparing to go to teach English and Spanish in China, Mitchell who shortly therafter left to serve in South Africa for a month, we had a couple of girls from Canada taking summer school classes at UDLA, and of course we had lots of Mexicans and us Gringos (Americans).

If you were here you would see that on Father’s Day we had a record attendance of 106 at Mosaico. But that included three groups from the US. One group came to work with CMFs Globalscope ministry, a volleyball team with Athletes in Action, and a group from Todd’s home church, First Christian of Evansville, IN. That Sunday, we baptized Sayra and Juanelo into Christ. It has been so cool to have a part in both Sayra’s and Juanelo’s journey to Christ.

Todd with Sayra and Juan (Juanelo) just before their baptisms.

Juanelo first came to Cholula, Puebla from his home state of Vera Cruz, I believe in 2006 to study at UDLA. He was invited to go to El Pozo and began frequenting the events at the campus house, better known as the Casa Verde. After a couple of years of study he moved to Ciudad Carmen to take a job and then returned to study a few years after that. He got involved in El Pozo again and visited Mosaico. God had been speaking to his heart for a while and a conversation with Mitchell and Omar was the icing on the cake which caused him to make the decision to be baptized. El Pozo planted, Mosaico watered, and God brought in the harvest in his life.

We were glad to host two short-term mission teams this Summer. In June First Christian from Evansville, IN helped us out a lot by making some much needed improvements to the Casa Verde. They also painted at Puebla Christian School and played with the children at Nueva Esperanza Christian orphanage. In July a team from Lake Ridge Christian Church helped with projects at the Casa Verde, Puebla Christian School and helped Mosaico with our first ever Escuela Biblica de Verano (Vacation Bible School).

      Let me tell you, we had a lot of obstacles to overcome for our EBV. We wanted to have it out in the community, where the people are and after searching for quite a while we found a neighborhood that had a spacious park that gave us permission to have our VBS there. But then the community representative changed and the “new guy” didn’t think it would be a good idea to let us use their park. So we found another, smaller park in the neighborhood where Rada, who goes to Mosaico lives. She got an energetic “Si!” from the neighborhood representative. So we made our flyers and invitations to “Rancho Avalancha” and the night before our event the neighbors decided that they didn’t want this religious activity in their park, so we relocated to the Casa Verde. Then on the morning we were to start the construction crew working on the street in front of the Casa Verde dug a trench for a drain across our front driveway making access very difficult. But, inspite of it all, we had a great wild west-themed EB V. And a new family with two little guys has been coming to Mosaico because of it.

We’ve really appreciated our REACH interns this Summer. The “A-Team” as we lovingly called them were a great blessing to have around. Abbyrose Sharts and Ashlan Rose worked ½ the Summer with El Pozo and ½ with Mosaico, helping with our summer teams,  EBV, and doing whatever else we asked of them.

The A team (Abbey and Ashlan) with Lizzet and Mallory. Love those girls.

I want to tell you one more cool story, a divine appointment if you will…

Our team from FCC Evansville, IN flew into Mexico City in June with matching team T-shirts. I met them at the airport and we took a bus to Puebla. Sitting in the back of  that bus, coming back from a meeting in Mexico City was a man named Horacio. Horacio and his family have lived in Cholula for nearly 4 years. They had moved here from northern Mexico where they had attended a christian church. But had not attended anywhere in Puebla.  During the 2-hour busride it became necessary for me to visit the back of the bus. That’s where the bathroom is located. On my return journey, Horacio stopped me and asked about the group, if we were with a church, etc.. So I explained that they came to serve for a week with Mosaico Christian Community. I told him a little about the congregation and what we believe. He was very interested so I gave him my business card, explained where we were located and invited him and his family to come. Now fast-forward two weeks. Horacio, his wife, and 3 teen-aged kids have formed part of the Mosaico and are serving right along with us. Moral of the story—God can use even a trip to the bathroom for bringing people back to Him.

We are praising God and excited that…

  • Mitchell comes back from South Africa this week.
  • Many of the students return for classes this week and next.
  • Nina McNure from Michigan is coming to teach at PCS and serve with us at Mosaico.
  • God is still working in and through us.


Wish you were here!

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